It's time I shared the reason why I've been so ambitious and have done what I've done. Why I worked at Robinhood while still in school, why I started General Task, and why I'll remain an entrepreneur for life. Ever since I was young, my life dream has been to build a floating city off the coast of San Francisco. Yes, I know this sounds like a crazy idea, and it will be insanely difficult to pull off. But I know it can be done. Why a floating city, you may ask?

When I came across the concept of seasteading, I was captivated by the opportunity to reimagine from the ground up what cities and what society at large could look like. By mass-producing high quality housing with modern shipbuilding techniques and cheaply shipping it in one piece to its destination on the water, we could fundamentally lower the cost of housing while achieving a big increase in quality of life for many people. And I mean normal, everyday, working people, not just the rich.

Imagine what a city could look like with every aspect reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up. Imagine placing streets underground so that the entire surface of the city is one giant, beautiful, green park, with trails and peaceful picnic spaces instead of noisy traffic. Imagine a mass transit system tightly integrated with the elevators of each building, that could transport you directly to any floor in any building in the city in under ten minutes. Imagine efficient, highly automated municipal services that keep the city clean, safe and fair, with no lengthy wait times. All just a thirty minute high speed ferry ride from downtown San Francisco. Imagine what a huge increase in affordable housing and legal immigration could do for the Bay Area tech hub. It is possible to achieve all of this, with enough willpower and resources. When we do, this city will serve as an example of the incredible potential of human ingenuity, helping to inspire people all around the world.

I believe that is a vision worth fighting for. And while I am (and will continue to be) very focused on my current job, in the long term I am committed to making this real.

I've thought about this concept for a very long time. I have so much more to say about it. I will be sharing more in the coming weeks, months and years. Stay tuned!

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